How not to grow weed(s).

All around me little buds are popping open and there’s the unmistakable smell in the air of Spring. Each year at this time I’m filled with optimism about how self-sufficient I will be throughout the coming summer. You know, with plants and stuff that I can grow and eat, cause there’s no better way to educate your kids on where food comes from than by growing a bit of your own.

Somehow through the winter fog, I forget that I am possibly the world’s most well intentioned but flakey gardener. Rather than dwelling on all the dead plants I’ve pulled and chucked, I think back fondly to my success with eggplants and am sure that THIS YEAR will be the year when I don’t kill everything. Diligently this winter I’ve gotten my Bokashi bucket back into use and there’s some terribly lovely soil waiting for use.

Joining in the fun, Miss F has taken advantage of a freebie sent from Stihl, promoting their “Get real, get outdoors” program. They’re running a range of programs, including assistance for your school working bee and a ‘my green wall’ in-school program, that shows kids how to look after plants. Ever the industrious lass, Miss F had the kit underway before I knew anything about it. Proudly she led me outside to see her handiwork.

Miss F was proud of her hard work.

Miss F was proud of her hard work.

‘Excellent!’ I exclaimed. ‘Did you get the soil from the new compost, Miss F?’
No she said, she just found some dirt laying around, unneeded in the garden. And when I turned around, it was fairly obvious where she’d found it.

Dirt apparently just laying around, doing nothing.

Dirt apparently just laying around, doing nothing.

Anyway. I’ll keep you posted on how we go with our Spring project. Has the start of Spring got you hatching some new outdoors scheme? I’d love to know about it. And if you’ve got any good tips for gardening-for-brown-thumbs, let me know. Last year I even killed mint, which is apparently almost impossible.

The good news is that the baby beets are underway.

The good news is that her baby beets are underway.

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  1. 1

    Lulu said,

    OMG laughing so hard! You sound exactly like me, all keen to grow vegies and spend a weekend planting, then get too busy/forget to water them/local possum eats all the seedlings/my Miss5a eats everything when it’s green and I give up. Seems the only life lesson my kids get from growing things is that it is all a load of hard work with little result!

    • 2

      wendyblume said,

      no, no. THIS YEAR is our year! We’ll be vigilent and do extremely well. I’ve planted sugar snap peas this weekend. Hi risk though – i haven’t got the possom fence stuff yet!

  2. 3

    teresa said,

    I know nothing about gardening but am also hoping to start growing vegies…dont suppose anyone can recommend an australian blog which will help a beginner?

  3. 5

    Nicole said,

    I’m with you, lived in this house 4.5 years and still no closer to getting our veggie patch up and running. I have managed to grow a few things in my time, but I’m also talented enough to kill mint (who on earth can actually kill mint?!), and we’ve lost our lemon tree but I want to get another one in the ground soon too. Don’t tell hubby but we’re getting chickens this year too. I’m not aiming to be self sufficient, just less reliant on having to buy everything

    • 6

      wendyblume said,

      wow – you’re brave! I don’t think I’d actually entrust myself with real live creatures. I save them for farmstays where other, more capable people, take care of them!

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