What I would cook if Nigella was coming for dinner

Considering the amount of time I spend fishing crumbs off my chest, it’s probably no surprise that I’m a big fan of Nigella Lawson. Although I must say, the impact of me plucking pasta from betwixt my A-cups is somewhat anti-climactic after the last season of her TV show where she spent SO much time in dressing gowns, in bed or in pretty, busty party frocks while she hosted ‘supper’ parties.

What I love most about her, is that she is so hugely successful that she could easily turn to the director and say, ‘you know what, I don’t think I want to do the sausage in the open mouth shot’, and yet she doesn’t. With good humour she plays it up and laps it up – she MUST enjoy it, or she wouldn’t do it. I don’t care what her motivation is, I think she is fantastic TV entertainment. And bless the person who put together the nigella talks dirty video – it made me SNORT with laughter (although it does increase my phobia of ever being on TV).

Anyway, in the spirit of all things delectable, I’ve spent a bit of time contemplating what I’d pop on to cook should Nigella be on her way over for tea. My food is generally less stodgy than hers, which does tend to be a bit fresh veg-challenged from time to time. But mentally scanning through all of the TV food celebrities, she would have to be the only one that I would happily serve without intimidation – I think her best quality is how down-to-earth and practical her food is. Kudos to her and her lusty ways.

For the starter, I’m thinking the unctuous, silky goodess of this soup would appeal to her, don’t you?

vegie smugglers pumpkin and lentil soup recipe

Pumpkin, corn and lentil soup

Then I’d give her a food cuddle with these mini-chicken pies…

I'd also pop a few steamed vegies on the side

And of course I’d have to finish off with chocolate…

Chocolate & beetroot brownie

Chocolate & beetroot brownie

Do you think she’d like it? What would you cook for her?

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  1. 1

    susie venkat said,

    Wendy, I TOTALLY agree. I luurve Nigella – she gives great TV. And most of her recipes seem do-able, fairly ordinary everyday do-able…. Too intimidated to have her over for dinner….but I now that I think about it – as long as you served her something good and chocolatey I think she’d be happy!

  2. 2

    Jonah said,

    I really don’t get your Nigella fetish. Is it supposed to be funny? I love cooking shows but find her just a littlel bit – hmm, not sure what the pc term would be – of a slob. just because can, here are my top 5 tv cooks..in order. 1. Rick stein – sometimes I want him to be my dad. 2. Jamie Oliver – Cooked more from his books than any other. 3. Gordon Ramsay – first series of kitchen nightmares was class. 4. Delia smith – Saturday Kitchen got me through some tough times. 5. Hewy – kidding. 5. Simon Bryant – he’s a grower.

    Surely there’s not a better 5 than that??

  3. 3

    Helen-Claire said,

    I think I’d quite happily cook for Jamie, too! He’s my favourite, Nigella is a vert close second!

    I think I’d cook some super of quick prawn dish for starters, a slow-cooked pork with lots of veg for mains, and panna cotta for dessert.

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