And we’re off! (how FUN is moving house…)

Thanks parquetry floors, it’s been fun

And there you have it, I’ve just finished packing four – yes that’s right – FOUR, boxes. We’re moving house you see, so now I only have about… ummm… well I actually know for sure, since the lovely man came and dropped off all the boxes, I now have just 86 boxes to go.

Being a bit of a planner, I’m starting in a full two weeks early. Actually I’m being spurred on my the horrific memories of my last house move, which was with a 3-year-old and a baby, when I found myself with all these cupboards full of crap I’d forgotten about, screaming children and just hours until the movers were due. It was stressful.

This time I’ve managed to combine the stress of moving with the stress of buying and selling real estate. Apparently it doesn’t matter which side of the real estate deal you’re on, it’s always shit. Could have something to do with trying to buy in a sellers market and now selling in a buyers market. Or so my agent says.

Whichever way, it’s about this time in a move that I start to question capitalism, the western habits of acquiring so much stuff and humanity’s instincts of restlessness and the push to improve your lot beyond what your true boundaries probably are. Show me a person with a new mortgage, and I’ll show you a person who has just reached a bit further than they should of and has borrowed just a fraction more than is comfortable. But I suppose it’s that drive for greener pastures that makes life interesting, although not very zen.

Of course I don’t just get to move the family but my business as well. Vegie Smugglers will be continuing on fairly normally, with just a few days of disruption during the middle of August. Stay tuned to Facebook for more.

In the meantime, I’ve written up a few recipe & craft posts for your reading pleasure over the next few weeks. Starting tomorrow with a gorgeously delicious slow-cook chilli (with no chilli) recipe. Wish me luck!

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    Sarah said,

    Hi Wendy,
    I feel your pain! We’ve just moved (again!) and this time not only did we move to a new apartment, we also moved to a new country (not our first international relocation but the first with a toddler in tow). It only took me the best part of a month to sell, throw out and otherwise pack the rest of our ‘stuff’. Sending you positive energy that all goes well with the move!
    Oh and absolutely love the blog. My son LOVES the tuna tomato bake and I LOVE that it feeds us for 2 nights in a row (and maybe a lunch or 2 as well).

  2. 4

    Oh I hear you about buying in a sellers market and selling in a buyers market (can’t even go there are the moment, the prices are still obscene).

    Cracked up reading about your good planning two weeks ahead of moving date! Too funny!

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