Help! I’ve been invaded by papertoy monsters!

Filling all the surfaces with alarming speed.

Ever since I bought a copy of Papertoy Monsters a couple of months ago (I got mine at Kmart), there’s been a magical (and slightly creepy) spell cast over the house. It goes like this… at first there’s an eerie silence, only broken by the rhythmic screaching and cracking of the sticky tape dispenser. Then there’s whispered murmurs as my children confer conspiratorially. Then more silence and sticking. Then happy giggles. Next thing I know I come out of the laundry and find another creature called ‘grimp’ or ‘lyle’ or ‘yucky chuck’ gazing up at me. Each comes with a back-story. For example grimp is the result of a sea monkey kit breaking under a mound of dirty toys and clothes…”the sea monkey larva merged with a group of maggots living on an old Subway sandwich at the bottom of Butch’s trash heap…” Great stuff that is keeping the newly literate Miss Fruitarian and her delighted younger protégée busy for hours.

Here's a simple papertoy robot to help you get in on the act...

I thought I’d get in on the act too, and whilst my papertoy robot lacks the ooze of some of the book’s versions, he’s a nice simple starting point for us craft-challenged parents. And if you want to cast an educational slant, the dual cube construction is an interesting introduction into the concept of 3D for the younger kids.

... easy to make. Go you awesome craft parent!!!

While he works fine on normal paper, if you have some thicker card that will zoom through your printer, then your life will be a bit easier!


Like this project? You can find it, along with 39 other boredom busters in the ‘Craft for non-crafty Parents’ e-book. There’s a stack of silly fun stuff, projects that encourage healthy eating and a bunch of worksheets covering preschool education and school readiness. You can buy it at the shop now!

128 pages, 40 projects, 85 pages of printables…

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    […] Blume of Vegie Smugglers, inspired by the awesome collection from the Paper Toy Monsters book. Vegie Smugglers Robot Paper Toy […]

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    Matt said,

    We used this is a time killer that we printed in a on-campus student interest magazine (it’s non-profit, non-commercial) as something to keep people busy. Thanks for this awesome thingymabobber!

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