We love you dad!

It’s Father’s day in Australia this weekend. We don’t do much to celebrate in our house. Particularly since both kids are now toilet trained. That used to the best part of birthdays and special parent days – sending the child with the poo in his pants to your partner, knowing that you just weren’t going to have to deal with it. For his final hurrah last mother’s day, a 3-year-old Mr Meat & Potatoes decided to poo three times in the one day. The bliss! The joy! Escaping multiple sticky revolting messes and knowing that he was all cleaned out for the next day too.

So without nappy avoidance, it’s back to more traditional, servitude methods of celebrating my husband’s greatness. I’ll cook and clean and give him a day off. And I’ve made this week’s craft with a decidedly male bent. No dad will be able to resist these soccer players. They’ll immediately be down on the floor with their little champions screaming “ole ole ole ole”.

Soccer craft sheet for father's day

Ole ole ole ole! Fun for dads too!

Mr Meat & Potatoes is modelling here. The PDF of the Italian football team comes complete with the pitch and 11 players with two different finger hole sizes – one for dad and one for his little protégé. Keep in mind I’ve allowed for big fingers – you might need to cut the size of the circles to suit the digits of your loved ones.

Soccer craft

Baggio has nothing on Mr Meat & Potatoes

And while they’re immersed in their blokey fun, why don’t you whip up these oaty banana pancakes for breakfast. Then later in the day, when they’ve moved to the couch to watch footy finals, you can present them with these healthy and tasty sausage rolls.

Don’t worry, just smile, grin and bear it. Life returns to normal tomorrow.

Like this project? You can find it, along with 39 other boredom busters in the ‘Craft for non-crafty Parents’ e-book. There’s a stack of silly fun stuff, projects that encourage healthy eating and a bunch of worksheets covering preschool education and school readiness. You can buy it at the shop now!

128 pages, 40 projects, 85 pages of printables…

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    Claire said,

    What a great idea! Love this for some fun fine motor play – sharing with our facebook followers! 🙂

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  3. 3

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  5. 5

    […] – Printable Soccer Players from Vegie Smugglers Download, print, color, and cut out your own mini soccer […]

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