The Vegie Smugglers fundraising program has relaunched for 2015. *****JUNE 2015 UPDATE: Vegie Smugglers, book 1 is almost sold out! Please note that all fundraising boxes will be full of 20 copies of the gorgeous ‘Vegie Smuggler’s Kitchen Collection’ cookbook!


Sell the two Vegie Smugglers cookbooks (Vegie Smugglers 1 and Kitchen Collection) and digital books in your school, daycare centre, playgroup or charity and you keep 36-50% of every sale.

All of the items aim to empower parents, create healthier families and raise money for your cause. The fundraising programs are simple to run, flexible and a positive way to spread a message of healthy living. You can choose if you’d like to simply sell the hardcopy cookbook or if you’d like to add on the option of selling digital books, too.

It’s a simple, fuss-free program with no hidden charges. If you’ve got specific questions or just want to get started right away, email Wendy at


Click here to download the digital program order form.

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    sam said,

    Firstly, love your blog! love that there are others out there with kid problems like me!
    I was looking to buy a copy then just read this about fundraising so Im going to email my playgroup to suggest this instead of ‘same ol’e’ chocolate fundraiser!
    thanks x.

  2. 3

    […] Veggie smugglers- Offer great cookbooks chock full of healthy foods. It’s not only not chocolate, it’s promoting healthy eating! […]

  3. 4

    […] Vegie Smugglers cookbooks.  […]

  4. 5

    Angela Donaldson said,

    I don’t suppose the fundraising with this book is available in NZ is it? Thanks, Angela

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